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Cattle, Horse
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50000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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Standard Export Cartons, Pallets and Containers, Color boxes also available on Demand
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30 to 35 days

POM (Paksitan Onyx Marble) are the large scale manufacturer and world wide exporter of Himalayan Salt Licks for Horses and all other animals. Our salt licks are 100% hand carved from the specific Himalayan salt rocks containing high level of natural minerals and trace elements which horses, livestock and all other animals do require for their salt nutrition and mineral supplements at all ages.
POM (Paksitan Onyx Marble) Himalayan salt licks are one great source of nutrients for horses, cows, sheep and camels. They are extremely hard, making them very weather resistant and difficult for the horse and cattle to bite chunks off, which is what often happens with the softer, pressed salt licks. Each lick comes ready with a handy rope to allow it to be hung on a gate, fence, trough, tree and even in truck while traveling with your horse.
Call us for your any wholesale or bulk orders and enjoy the premier quality salt licks marketing from POM (Paksitan Onyx Marble), at lovely prices, 100% after sale service and 100% beck end support.

Animal salt lick is made entirely from pink Himalayan Crystal Salt. It comes with a hole drilled through the center of the block, plus a natural fiber rope to tie it to a fence post or other object. It’s best to keep the salt lick off the ground, tying it at the natural “snout height” of the animals you’re buying it for.

A salt lick is a deposit of mineral salts used by animals to supplement their nutrition, ensuring that they get enough minerals in their diets. A wide assortment of animals, primarily herbivores, uses salt licks to get essential nutrients like calcium, magnesium, sodium, and zinc. When a salt lick appears, animals may travel to reach it, so the salt lick becomes a sort of rally point where lots of wildlife can be observed.

Farmers have historically provided salt licks for their cattle, horses, and other herbivores to encourage healthy growth and development. Typically an animal salt lick in the form of a block is used in these circumstances, and the block may be mounted on a platform so that domesticated animals do not consume dirt from the ground along with the necessary salt. Salt blocks for farm animals can also be treated with medications, which may be convenient when someone needs to medicate shy animals, or a large group of animals.

Our organic salt licks are loved by animals as such gained enormous popularity across the planet as animal owners have come to the conculsion that Himalayan salt licks are not merely a salt licks but provide all the other essential minerals and trace elements to animals per their need. These natural primal licks are not stuffed with unecessary minerals but minerals have been added by mother nature in right proportion through longest natural process underneath the Himalayan foot hills.

POM (Paksitan Onyx Marble) offer highest standard premium salt licks at highly competitive prices while ensuring fastest delivery and personalized back up services. WE have stringent quality control where each of our products have to go through multiple inspection phases to ensure the best quality.Inquiry from importers , wholesellers and distributors are always welcome . We have client friendly policies. No MOQ restrictions , you may place order for any quantity per your budget and requirements.For those of our valued clients who are not familiar with the import procedures, we do offer assistance through our oversease offices who will cheerfully extend all possible assistance one may needs.

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Pakistan Onyx Marble is one of the leading Manufactures and exporters of onyx and marble. We provide unmatched quality to our valuable customers while maintaining high standards in production as well as customer service. We are the fastest growing Manufactures and exporters of onyx , marble and hanicrafts. Our Onyx and marble and other handcrafted products have gained worldwide popularity.

We offer the most competitive prices. Genuine interested retailers and wholesalers are welcome to inquire about any item from above categories. In addition to our present products list, inquiries for any other specifications are also welcome.

Pakistan Onyx Marble has very strict quality assurance processes and exercises every effort to meet and even exceed customer expectations by providing products of unmatched superior quality.

· We focus on the needs of our customers.

· We continuously work on improving our products and processes.

· We do our best to prevent defects and fulfill customer orders in timely manner.

. We believe that we provide superior value to our customers and are committed to set unsurpassed standards by which our competitors' products are measured.



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1. One 20 feet FCL of marble tiles.
2. One 20 feet FCL of marble and onyx slabs.

1. One 20 feet FCL of handicrafts etc.

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